Thursday, October 31, 2013

Greek media question

Greeks are questioning their media's accuracy, and new voices are being heard.
Read this story from yesterday's New York Times, and comment below, by 5 pm Friday
Greek media questioned


  1. The state of the media in Greece does not sound like it's in good health with the closure of the Public news station, but the closing could be a good thing since it sounded like that it was being used as more as a voice for what the government wanted to be heard, now with it closed, the alternative or citizen stations can step up, get their voice heard and possibly fill the gap.

  2. It's inevitable for young people to turn to social media for the news, because they get bored quickly. They're also lazy and aren't gonna wanna go out and find stories themselves or try to come up with any solutions for themselves. They aren't interested in being freely thinking adults.

  3. Younger people majority of the time seem to distrust any media that is owned or used by big corporations. To have a independent news source helps these younger people to get thier news and the new source being left leaning may somewhat influence that.

  4. Even though many people said social media spread to all generations, most of them are young people. They usually lead some kinds of trends and have negative mind to the streaotype. They also look like this. In this article, one person said they want called by citizen's media, not alternative media. The revolution begins with one step. They will be trying to go against the dominant media, which controlled by not only governments, but also economic elites.