Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Presentation schedules

Presentation rules—you must be here for all presentations. In addition to absences, you lose 10 points.
Remember, outline to all,,,no excuse for not having enough
We’ll discuss each presentation and draw one potential final question from it.

Presentation dates:
Oct. 17--Jackie Kirk, Shawna Stine
22--Yujiao Tan, Mao Leng, Sadie Jones
24--Jacob Cole, Woojon Yang
29--Zena Cherian, Tim Young
31--Billy Godwin, Saki Nozaki
Nov. 5-- Laura Wolf, Maryam Ghavidel
7--Lauren Hatfield, Tramica Foster, Luke Provenzano
12 or 14--Faythe McMillian, Rachel Brocklehurst
19--Sean Tolbert, Don Harrison
21--Katie Kastl, Shane Foshee
26--Adrian Mack, Ellen Grunewald
 Dec. 3

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