Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's presentations

Post below one thing you learned , and one potential final test question, from each of today's presentations, by end of class today. 10 points credit not available after deadline:

1. Jackie Kirk
2. Shawna Stine


  1. Shawna Stine- The Netherlands people are incredibly tuned into to the media and internet. The fact that that they have legal prostitution and marijuana usage is interesting.

    *What is press freedom like in the Netherlands?

    Jackie Kirk-- I learned that the main language of Singapore is English, which is surprising to me. Also the amount of censorship that occurs in Singapore.

    *How many newspapers are there in Singapore?

  2. From Kirk I learned that Singapore got its name from when a king was hunting and saw a lion giving its name of "Lion City". How many newspapers are in circulation?
    I learned from Stine that the Netherlands are very open with little censorship. How free is the Netherlands.

  3. One thing I learned about the Netherlands was how uncensored the Netherlands are.

    A few interesting facts I learned about Singapore was how censored it really is and also how the main language there is English.

  4. I learned from Shawna that the Netherlands had lots of good ideas. They were very advanced in social media an they were basically the birthing of many press publishers or newspapers.

    From Jackie I learned that Singapore had be reinvented many times. Having had so many name changes they obviously were unsure about what sort of country they wanted to be. I also learned that their culture is starting to change and being made into a technological advancements.

  5. Shawna explained that the Netherlands are pretty lenient with their media and its not unusual to see nudity or the use of curse words on shows. Test question could be the percent of computer and media use by the people of the Netherlands.
    Jackie explained that media control is very tight in Singapore. Possible test question could be what technological advances will be taking place in the near future.

  6. For the Netherlands, you could ask what country is having great advancements in media and technology in general, especially in the past few years. For Singapore, you could ask which Asian countries media is primarily in English.

  7. I learned that in the Netherlands the press is more entertainment than politics but not the tabloid type. A potential question for Netherlands is what percent of the population uses the internet in the Netherlands

    I learned that in Singapore or "Lion City" that they did not have a weather channel during the time the interviewee lived there. A question for Singapore could be what percent of the population has televisions in Singapore.

  8. I learned one thing about Netherlands was they can speak at least 3 defferent languages, and it has really strong economic. And also they have free midea as well. The final test question might be what is the defferences of media in euro countries?

    I leaned on thing about Singapore was they don't have free media for broadcast. Their media and news is filtered by goverment. The final test question might be why Singapore doesn't have free media?

  9. 1A.I learned that the commercials didn't start till the 1990's: commercial Dutch government owned; non-profit Roman Catholic or progressive channels.

    1B. Why is there less censorship-just because they believe in freedom of the press?

    2A. I learned the restaurant industry is slim from the video, so the job market is not good.

    2B. What has to happen for Singapore to have free media?

  10. Netherlands - I learned that most people there own a computer. Is the Netherlands more censored than the United States?

    Singapore - I learned that their business and professional language is english. What electronic device do most people in Singapore own?

  11. Netherlands - I learned that Netherlands people speaks mulitple languages fluently. And alo, one of the most interest things was newspaper ownership is highly concentrated. Furthermore, I really want to go to the Amsterdam Airport, which is beautiful airport.

    Q: What kind of documents guarnteed the freedom of the press?

    Singapore - Even though Singapore is a very small country, they are developed country. So, I thought that Singapore media might be open-minded. However, after the presentation, it was interested that Singapore media are very conservative. And also, it was amazed that they have no weather channels.

    Q: What organization dominate the news in Singapore?

  12. Netherlands: The Netherlands are 10th highest in income per capita in the world.
    question: Is the media in The Netherlands censored?

    Singapore: The media and the news in Singapore are filtered by the government.
    question: What language is the news in Singapore broadcast in?

  13. The Netherlands: I learned that most people are fluent in multiple languages and that media is not as political as it is in the U.S.
    -Is the Netherlands media less censored than in the U.S.?

    Singapore: I learned that their primary professional language is English. Also that they don't have weather news channels!
    -What language is usually used in the media and news in Singapore?