Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today's presentations

Post below one thing you learned , and one potential final test question, from each of today's presentations, by end of class today. 10 points credit not available after deadline:
1. Zena Cherian
2.  Tim Young


  1. I learned from Cherian that life expectancy is really low. What percent of the population has internet access? I learned from young that Dracula means son of the dragon. Which media outlet has the most market share?

  2. For Mozambique, I learned that they adopted their flag within the last ten years. Why do you think the number of televisions is so low, and how could that increase?

    For Romania, I learned that Vlad the third is Dracula. Why does the contact think the propaganda will never stop?

  3. I learned about Mozambique that it is the only country with a current rifle represented on its flag. A Question could be what is the literacy rate in Mozambique?

  4. Zena - I learned that the Mozambique flag actively embraces its history with Marxism through the use of its flag.

    ? - What percentage of the population is literate?

    Tim - I learned that Romanian is a romance language

    ? - When did Romania actively gain independence?

  5. Zena - I learn how low the life expectancy is very low.

    Also the question I'm guessing a few people are wondering is the literacy rate in Mozambique?

    Tim - I thought Romania was related to Russia in some way

    What part of the media has the biggest outlet?

  6. I learned about Mozambique that the flag is only one in the world which has rifle. Why is facebook is so popular in Mozambique? Why not twitter and instagram?
    I learned about Romania that prince of wallachia was called dracula.Why does Romania have good free media?

  7. Mozambique: I learned that people don't really know about twitter or Facebook and that they rely heavily on radio as their source of news. What is the literacy rate in Mozambique?

    Romania: I learned that they use media mostly for propaganda. When did Romania gain their independence?

  8. Romania: I learned that Romania has three color flags, which are blue, yellow, and red. And these colors have each meanings, blue-liberty, yellow-justice, and red-reternity

    Q: What is the largest market share in Romania?

    Mozambique: I learned that Mozambique official lanuguage is Portuguese. I thought that Africa countires usually speaks French because of France colony in the past.

    Q: How many TV stations in Mozambique?

  9. Mozambique - I learned that the country isn't very literate and it is hard to communicate with everyone because everyone doesn't speak and know the same language. What is Mozambique's main source of media communication?

    Romania - I learned that Dracula was actually a real person from Romania that only people from Romania liked. Is Romania ranked at the top or bottom of the list for their internet speed?

  10. I learned that the official language commonly used in Mozambique is Portuguese, and that the life expectancy there is very low compared to the avg u.s. life expectancy.