Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today's presentations

Post below one thing you learned and one potential test question from today's presentations, by 5 pm Friday.
  1. Billy Godwin
  2.  Saki Nozaki


  1. I learned from Saki that radio is not all that popular and there are tvs in the car. What social network was created in Japan? From Billy I learned Israel has all it's citizens in the military. What is Pelephone?

  2. I learned from Saki that not all Japanese speak or understand English as some would say. How is the Public service TV station funded?
    I learned from Billy that a major mode of transportation in Israel is hitchhiking. What year did Israel declare its Independence?

  3. I learned about the hitchhiking from Billy.

    I also learned that Japan has televisions in their cars. Why do you think there are more televisions than radios in Japan?

  4. I learned From Saki that radio is not popular in Japan, but they like watching TV, and they have televisions in their car.
    I learned form Billy is that in the Israel, there are many different languages.

  5. I learned that Japan has national broadcasting organization like BBC, which name is NHK.

    Q: Who controls the media in Japan?

    I learned that Gaza strip's location. Although I heard many times about the conflict with Plaestain, I didn't know the specific location.

    I really expect about Billy's second round presentation!