Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Country adoption countdown and guidelines

Country adoption guidelines and countdown

1. International adoption guidelines
  1. Four-page paper--due to Dr. Clark day of presentaiton
  2. WWWWWH of media in that country
  3. Include country's brief history,  population, religions, location, any distinguishing  characteristics of culture, and the media
  4. Statistics on media circulation, numbers of TV channels, newspapers, etc
  5. Role of media, control of media
  6. 15-minute presentation to class with visuals, including map
  7. One page outline to each student
  8. Minimum of five sources
  9. Social media interview with someone in that county included
“I want to have a summary grasp of what media is like in the
country, how it functions, and its control and influence.”--Clark
2. Timetable
  • We will begin your country adoption reports Tuesday, Oct. 11, and have two or three a day. Date assignments will be made Sept. 30.
  • By Thursday, Sept. 18, post below the person and media you will contact.
  • By  Tuesday, Sept. 23, you will have made contact by email with a media person in your country. We will discuss this in class. 
  • In initial email, introduce yourself; tell the person who you are and that  you're doing this for a university class; and give the link to Clarkinternational as a reference. 
  • Ask for a confirmation email.
  • Let them know you need to visit with them, via email, no later than Oct. 3.
  • Ask them for a date when they'd have time to respond.
  • If the person does not respond within 24 hours, send another email. If that doesn't work, find a backup person immediately.
  • Being unable to contact a media person will subtract 30 points from your 150-point project.
  • Send them the list of questions you'd to discuss, including but not exclusive:
  1. What is the roll of the media in their country?
  2. How has the Internet and social media changed media in their country?
  3. What is the most important thing to know about media in their country?
  4. Who controls the media in their country?
  5. What are the strengths of the media in their country?
  6. What are the weaknesses of the media in their country?


  1. Ireland Contacts:
    Emma Allen, Editor's Office, The Irish Times
    Patty Smyth, Foreign Policy Editor, The Irish Times

  2. My contact I plan to message is the Japan Times, either to their National news or Editorial sections. There is no specific person just yet as the "Contact Us" page only let's you send a message to certain sections of the paper and not individual people.

  3. French Contacts:
    I'm going through the same thing as Shaun with the contact page, but these are the newspapers I'm going to try first. There's more than one because I may not get a reply from all.

    Le Monde
    Le Figaro
    France 24

  4. My main focus is Craig Brown, reporter for The Scotsman. If not him I will try an editor.

  5. Gonna try for Rebecca Addo-Tetteh with PeaceFM Online.

  6. I am trying to contact someone who works on the Vanguard News in Nigeria