Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What have you learned so far?

1. What is the most significant thing you've learned so far that you didn't know before?
2. What has impressed you the most?
3.What is the main thing you've disagreed with?
4. Why?


  1. The most significant thing that I have learned so far is about the overwhelming amount of control that occurs in other countries. For the longest time, I complained about how much control our government has over our media but, it looks like it could be a whole lot worse. And what has impressed me the most is the fact that there are so many people risking their lives for journalism, to get the people the real news that they need to know about. The main thing that I have disagreed with is still how much control our "rich" society has over the media even though it has gotten better with social media, you can still see the big companies making sure their media gets put out correctly. And I disagree with this because in my perfect world, all news is true news and there is no tinkering around with the facts whatsoever.

  2. 1. The dangers of journalism
    2. Petra's presentation
    3. Journalists taking unnecessary risks
    4. Can’t report the news if you’re dead.

    Group three (the better group):
    1. The amount of journalists overseas that risk their lives in order for the people to get the true and important news.
    2. How technological advances have affected the media world so much
    3. Disagreements? One big disagreement is the fact that the great men and women of journalism get paid such an insignificant amount. Agree to disagree? I don’t think so…Disagree.
    4. Why? Because journalists need a lot of money in order to support their lavish lifestyle. Also, they deserve the money because of the risk and hard work they put forth.

    Group #4
    1. How the media works in cyber controls.
    2. That Dr. Clark actually teaches us useful things and country projects.
    3. How the media censors topics. In our country, as well as others.
    4. Human first amendment right to speech is taken away plus ethical writing.

    Group #2
    1. The amount of wire services to date.
    2. The growing knowledge of how to effectively use social media.
    3. We didn’t disagree with anything relating to the course.
    4. Everyone is allowed to have his or her own opinion.

  3. The most significant thing that I’ve learned in International Media that I didn’t know before is how dangerous reporting in other places of the world can be. It almost seems unreal what journalists will do and put themselves through to get a story out.
    The presentation over Jordan impressed me the most. Her presentation was not only informative, but interesting and kept an audience’s attention. It gave me a fairly good idea of what my presentation should try to be like and contain.
    Honestly, I have not disagreed with anything in class so far. Instead, I personally enjoy watching others disagree with one another during class discussions. Although I typically don’t have a strong opinion about certain topics in class, I learn so much by watching and listening to others who do.

  4. I believe the most significant thing I've learned in this course so far would be the locations of the countries all over the world. Also how media works in different countries, every country seems to have a different way of providing news even if it differs just slightly. What has impressed me the most if the amount of information available for us to gain within this course. I didn't know much at all about media before starting this course.
    I disagree with the fact that some countries around the world censor or completely control the media. I think people should be able to get information out in the open by the best way they see possible.

  5. 1. The most signifigant thing I learned was the dangers of journalism.
    2. The most impressive thing was Petra's presentation.
    3. Overreporting on the whole ISIS thing.
    4. ISIS needs information control and a threat to unite against. Focusing on threats to journalists intimidates others journalists and gives them legitimacy. It also exaggerates the threat they pose.

  6. 1. I feel that learning about the organization that keeps track of journalists and making sure that they are safe is very significant.
    2. I am impressed by the knowledge and diverse opinions of my classmates.
    3. I don't agree that Vice is too sensational to provide actual news.
    4. It may be over the top compared to past ways of reporting, but it is effective in relaying a message

  7. The most significant thing that I have learned was how dangerous it is for a journalist. Also as well as the different locations of numerous countries. The most impressing part would have to be the difference on how the media is covered throughout the world, especially in China. I disagree when we had the discuss of censorship in the media. I think that journalist should provide the facts and information about each story and we the public have the opportunity to choose to read it or not. I think that we should be informed especially if its something that concerns us.

  8. 1. I did not know anything about ISIS until I heard it in class and start reading news stories about it. I have known more about the situation of the mid-east countries through reading newspaper. I also learned how dangerous it is to become Journalists.
    2. The news stories about Journalists killed (including videos and pictures) impressed me most. It not only brings me shocked feeling but also bring me into thinking about the media ethic.
    3.4. I could not think of anything that I really disagreed with right now. I usually keep my own opinion as well as listen to different voices.

  9. 1. I've learned so much about news from this class. I did not know any of this or keep up with anything...which sounds really bad...
    2. This has made me think a lot about the way technology has changed the way we do things. It makes all information travel faster, especially international information.
    3.I disagree with all these journalists are being killed, and their deaths are either caused or ignored by their government.
    4. Because information should be allowed to get our there, it's not right, and life is awesome.

  10. the most significant thing i learned in this class is how much danger journalists go through in some part of the world to get us the news. The most impressing part was pyle's style of writting . bthe only thing i disagree with is the control of social media in any way or shape for whatever reason...it is totally understandable that conventonal media do control Their contents from writting to videos...social media must always be free and up to the readers or viewers to expose themselves to the contents.

  11. I didn't really know about the wire services until this class. I'm impressed that not only have they been around for so long, but there are actually so many out there. From the things I've read in this class, I guess one thing I disagree with is the censoring of the internet in China. The internet should be for everyone. It allows us to communicate with people very easily. This is why people freak out when the possibility of internet being censored in America comes up. If the internet was censored in the states, many of our freedoms would be taken away, like fair use.

  12. 1. The amount of journalists in harm's way and the number that have given their lives for their stories.
    2. The amount of awareness of the media and news I had already accumulated coming into the class.
    3. Censorship used by governments to the control local, national, and international media on it's citizens.
    4. The control of the media is a danger and a threat to the truth. Without the facts and complete story, people from all over the world cannot accurately react or base decisions to a certain situation or topic that could potentially alter their lives.

  13. 1. I was surprised at the amount of journalists who have gone missing over the past year and this year for just reporting the truth.
    2. I am impressed with how social media and technology has
    taken over the media nowadays.
    3.Definitely the censorship used by governments.
    4. This is a dangerous concept for everybody. IIt can lead to distrust of the government within a country. The governments are taking away people's rights for personal gain and that is wrong.

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  15. I was unaware of all the wire services that were available to help spread news. I find it fascinating that so many different entities are starting to learn the vast outreach of social media and how to successfully use this newish format as a tool. I would have to disagree with censorship of the media, and while there is a fine line between censoring crucial information and choosing not to show graphic content, that decision should be left up to the media outlets discretion.

  16. 1. The impact that ISIS has had on our media and the amount of danger that journalists put themselves in.
    2. The impact and importance that twitter has on the media
    3. I disagree with how ISISis able to have a big impact on us through social media
    4. Because the creators of Facebook, twitter, etc... should be able to monitor and stop them from posting.

  17. One of the most significant things I have learned so far was that google was completely banned in China. I knew there were always a lot of censorship laws, but I didn't realize how intense it really was. I always knew other countries had different media laws but I wasn't under the impression it was so intense. Also, a lot about ISIS and their use of social media. The thing that has impressed me the most is the way ISIS uses social media and their ability to have so much reach. The main thing I've disagreed with is the fact that some people think information should be censored to Americans to spare us of the gory details. I don't agree and I think that's a really bad idea because if censorship starts to become okay, even a little bit at a time, it could cause some real harm to our country.

  18. 1. The most significant thing I've learned so far in this class was that study of foreign media and how dangerous it actually is. Also, I learned a lot from the girl who presented on Jordan about her culture
    2.The interesting content in the class and discussions have impressed me most. I really like the blog the class operates on. Again, the Jordan presentation was good.
    3. I disagree with journalists willing to risk their lives for a story.
    4. No amount of news or pay is worth your life. I think some of the free-lance journalists have been too reckless with their lives. You can't report the news when you're dead.

  19. 1.) the most significant thing ive learned is how dangerous it is for a journalist to do their job these days.
    2.) I am impressed with how much social media has grown and how important it is to the news business.
    3.) I disagree with the low pay journalist receive.
    4.) the job has become dangerous and they should not only be paid for the quality of their work but also the danger of the job.

  20. The best way to upend any corrupt authority is the free publication of information. I am not only impressed, but inspired by the amount of people that still pursue journalism in these countries unfriendly to the press.

    In our class discussion, i disagreed that the media has a clear liberal bias. I did this to stimulate some kind of interesting conversation, because we all know that the press should try to remain objective and all of that.