Thursday, February 23, 2017


Why does George Orwell matter?

George Orwell

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Why does George Orwell matter today in international media? Comment below by 5 pm Monday.

Midterm test, calendar

Contact with country, Feb. 28 or March 7
No class--March 2
Scheduling presentations--March 7
Midterm test--March 9
Press theories; Gutenberg; wire services; CNN; Orwell; Murdoch;  war correspondents; CPR; dangerous countries
Presentations start --March 23
No class--April 27


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

North America before illegal immigration

North America before illegal immigration 


Which way is "up"? What does this effect?

Which way is up? 

From space, there is no up. Why do we view the world the way we do? Does this effect our attitudes and behavior?

Why do we say something "Went South?" What does that imply?

America's ethnocentric, eurocentric press

America's ethnocentric, eurocentric, zenophobic?  media

Consider these facts: