Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Committee to Protect Journalists site

Journalism is a dangerous, sometimes fatal,  job in the world. Why?

Pakistan and Myamar media, Assignment Day 2

In today's paper, consider this report from Pakistan on the influence of twitter. What does this tell you about Censorship?

And from tuesday's times, the government is relaxing rules on media in Myamar? Why?

Brief answers on comments section here by Sunday, Aug. 26 please. Read by Monday for discussion on Tuesday.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Assignment, Day 1

1. Read this:
Discussion questions:
China is a "closed society." How many reasons are there for how it controls its own media?
What does this use of media tell you about its views of media?

2. And this:

Why are journalists killed in Mexico?
Where else are journalists being murdered? (google it)

3. What one question do you want the class to help answer? (Post it as a comment to this blog post.)

4. Read your colleagues' comments before coming to class.