Monday, September 30, 2013

Google Glass and International Media

Read this post on Coffee with Clark about the Google Glass, and the link to Tim Pool's story. What do you think will be the impact on journalism? Comment below.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Twitter and the Taliban

Read this article in the New York Times, about the Taliban using twitter.
By 5 pm today:
1. What is the Taliban?
2. What does this indicate about the use of "social" media   as a political force?
3. is this any different than using traditional media?
4. Why?

Your media contact

By 5 p.m. today...the person you will contact for your country adoption. Post below.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Media in Iran

One of the countries that tightly controls its media is Iran.
See article in NY Times today, on a "glitc"dropping social media firewalls. Updated by a Reuters report.
Read this report by BBC
Watch this AlJazeera report
And this from The Guardian
And especially watch and read this opposing view from Iran

Now why is Iran so tightly controlled? Two paragraph comment below, by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Midterm test warning

The midterm test is approaching, within two weeks. Anything covered in class may be on the test. For example:

  • Syria and media
  • Theories of the Press
  • Wire Services
  • Murdoch
  • Danger to journalists--committee to protect journalists
  • Anti-press freedom countries
  • Terms
  • Countries of the world maps
  • Media ethics

Syria and media questions

How Syria picked U.S. Media N.Y. Times
How media influenced you Young Turks

Post below, by 5 p.m. Wednesday, your reactions, and do you think the fact that the UN confirmed chemical weapon attacks change any of this?

Time magazine cover question

Why would Time Magazine change its cover in the US, and hide Putin's success in the Syria crisis?
Time cover
Comment below, by 5 pm Wednesday.

Country adoption countdown

  • We will begin your country adoption reports Thursday, Oct. 17, and have two or three a day. Date assignments will be made Oct. 1.
  • By Thursday, Sept. 19, post below the person and media you will contact.
  • By next Tuesday, Sept. 24, you will have made contact by email with a media person in your country. We will discuss this in class. 
  • In initial email, introduce yourself; tell the person who you are and that  you're doing this for a university class; and give the link to Clarkinternational as a reference. 
  • Ask for a confirmation email.
  • Let them know you need to visit with them, via email, no later than Oct. 1.
  • Ask them for a date when they'd have time to respond.
  • If the person does not respond within 24 hours, send another email. If that doesn't work, find a backup person immediately.
  • Being unable to contact a media person will subtract 30 points from your 150-point project.
  • Send them the list of questions you'd to discuss:

  1. What is the roll of the media in their country?
  2. How has the Internet and social media changed media in their country?
  3. What is the most important thing to know about media in their country?
  4. Who controls the media in their country?
  5. What are the strengths of the media in their country?
  6. What are the weaknesses of the media in their country?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Using newspapers for foreign policy

Here's your assignment. Russian President Putin writes an op ed piece in the New York Times. Putin
Senator John McCain responds in Pravda. McCain
Why would they do this? What is to be gained, speaking to citizens of another country?

Just wow! The epitome of media being involved in world affairs.
Read the two links.
Tell me what you think of the media's role in the Syria crisis, based on these tow powerful men's views.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ethics conference schedule

Here's the link tot he ethics conference schedule: Ethics conference

A dangerous job.

Journalism is often fatal. Why? Check the Committee to Protect Journalists site, and  comment below, by 5 pm Friday.

Media Ethics assignment

On Sept. 25, 26 you will be required to attend two sessions of the Mass Comm Media Ethics conference in the university center.
Schedule to come next week.
There will be no class Sept. 26.

Here' is your assignment:
Attend  the Media Ethics sessions Wednesday or Thursday. Write a 250-300 word essay. Due, in paper, not email or blog, by Tuesday, Oct. 1. Double spaced. Identify sessions attended at top of page.

  1.  Two sentence summary of subject.
  2. Is there any application of the subject to international media, including the country you have adopted?
  3. Why or why not? Should there be? Explain and defend your position?
  4. What was the strongest part of the sessions you attended? The weakest? Why?

Country adoption guidelines

International adoption guidelines
Country  media adoption
  1. Four-page paper
  2. WWWWWH of media in that country
  3. Include country's brief history,  population, religions, location, any distinguishing  characteristics of culture, and the media
  4. Statistics on media circulation, numbers of TV channels, etc.
  5. 15-minute presentation to class with visuals
  6. One page outline to each student
  7. Minimum of five sources
  8. Social media interview with someone in that county included
“I want to have a summary grasp of what media is like in the
country, how it functions, and its control and influence.”--Clark

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

China cracks down on bloggers

Read this New York Times article here about China's crackdown on bloggers.
  1. What does this tell you about freedom in China?
  2. Why did China do this?Does China have the right to do this?
  3. Should China do this?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NY Times assignments

Comment below:
1.BBC severance pay, page A6--Does this remind you of anything in America corporations' high severance pay for executives? How is it different?
2.  India story about conflict, refer to map today-A4
3. Militants kill writer for criticism of Taliban. Page A12. How does this show authoritarian thought?
4. Blogger sells TV stations to go all digital. Page B3. What does this tell you about the future of world media?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Authoritarian government in the US?

Why is this American journalist, Barrett Brown,  in jail? Jailed Texas journalist Is it justified? Does this make the U.S. government authoritarian in spite of the First Amendment? Comment today.

Syria and international media.

  1. Find two sources today about the impact of international media on the crisis in Syria, and post below.  
  2. Why is President Obama using TV?TV and foreign policy
  3. Why are journalists being kidnapped in Syria? Kidnapped journalists
  4. Why is  Syrian President Assad going on TV?Charlie Rose interview
  5. What do two presidents going on TV tell you about the impact of international media?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Read today in NY Times

BBC controversy
Bezos at Washington Post

Questions, and comment below, by 5 pm Friday:

1. Why is this a  conflict of press and government in Britain?
2. What do you think this article, and Bezo's comments, say about the future of newspaper journalism?


What is "Eurocentric"? "Ethnocentric"? "Xenophobic"?"Jingoism"?And other questions, like "What is 'up,' or 'north' in space?

How does this map  make you feel? Is it wrong? What is really "up" in space? What does this map to about conceptions and stereotypes of importance and priorities? Are there effects of the way we view the world? Why do we prefer the other way of looking at the world? What are some advantages of looking at the world like this?

Is it the "media's" fault?

Is it the media's fault?

Think of a world problem or crisis. Take your pick.
I hear a lot of comments like, "It's the media's fault."
Is it?
  1. Find one situation in the world that you think the media is partially responsible for and write two paragraphs explaining why.
  2. Now, define media.
  3. Due, on paper, Tuesday at start of class.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Research Assignment

Due 5 p.m. Monday, in comments below:

Research assignment

1. Post links or other citations as  answers on comments below please.
List five sources of information on your country below (Wikipedia excluded).  Specify subject areas--for example, american newspapers, National Newspaper Association

Those links should apply to at least two areas of the outline below.
Here is the outline for your presentations and papers

A. Country perspective--include geography/climate, population, age demographics, religions. races, education, economy, government
B. Media--control, ownership, overall perspective of print, media, digital, social
       1. Print media--numbers, leaders, circulations, influence
       2. Broadcast--radio, TV, numbers, influence
       3. Digital--Internet, numbers, influence
       4. Social media, numbers, influence

Why be a journalist? Assignment

Journalists are under attack. Read these articles from the Committee to Protect Journalists
Dangerous job

  1. What motivates people to take this job
  2. Are any of the attacks justified?
  3. What do all of these stories have in common with the conduct of international media?
  4. Why are both sides in Egypt targeting journalists?
Post your answers to these questions below under comments, by noon Friday.