Thursday, January 12, 2017

Second reading assignments

Click and read.  Or on pages A8, B5, of today's New York Times
Norway cuts FM radio
Facebook Journalism Project
Comment below by 5 p.m. Friday
1. What effect would that have, if done to FM  in America?
2. Will Facebook's action increase or decrease more "fake news"


  1. 1. I think it would have a negative effect in America. We have a much larger population and infrastructure based around FM radio than Norway. Also, we have a higher percentage of impoverished people that need access to FM radio for news and emergency announcements who might not be able to afford a digital converter. Maybe the government would subsidize the converters like they did when they went to all digital TV?

    2. I could seriously see it going either way. Human stupidity knows no bounds, so this could actually make things worse. Good for them for trying a solution though. At least they finally seem to understand they are not simply a "tech company."

  2. 1. I believe it would be a very big dispute just because here in the US, people enjoy the radio how it is and refer to the term "if it isn't broken, why fix it". Also, our general population differs and could play a major key in the change.

    2. I feel like it will increase more than anything because of population itself. The world is growing in size in population and technology developing rapidly helps develop more realistic "action" or "exciting" stories for entertainment.

  3. 1. FM radio already provides universal coverage at a low cost with substantial consumer choice so I feel that this wouldn’t work in the United Sates. Likewise, FM has proven to be efficient in the past so why change something that works?

    2. It’s difficult to say whether this will work or not simply because of how many users are on Facebook. I like how Facebook is taking responsibility for the spread of fake news and are making efforts towards the situation.